Star Trek Enterprise Bridge Build Project (1)

The new project the Star Trek Enterprise bridge a nice construction for the short winter days, I’m still working on the Battlestar Galactica Viper MKII but I have to spray it outside and that is not possible now. It is quite difficult to get the Enterprise bridge in the Netherlands, but it passed by on marktplaats and was able to buy it at a good price.

The construction of the base is simple, sanding the sides is done quickly and removing the remaining plastic from the mold is quickly done. gluing takes a little more time, but is easy to do and see the results. Please note, put the numbers on the back with a marker, see photo. to make mounting/gluing easy.

Soon I will lightly sand the base and apply the desired lines, and apply a coat of primer with the airbrush. I also ordered the TOS Bridge Photoetch Set, bought from MBK Modellbau. This model shop was the only shop in Europe where it was for sale, now waiting for it to arrive.

Soon a new update.

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